Services We Offer


MediCupping™ session

$45 1 Hour

$35 1/2 Hour

Looking to:

•relieve pain & inflammation

•Release deep muscular issues

•Release & soften scar tissue

•Lift & stretch soft tissue

•Increase range of motion

•Open chest & lungs

•Improve circulation

•Drain lymph fluid & clear drainage  pathways

•Sedate the nervous system

•Clear old reside from muscles such as blood and solidified lymph from old injuries, surgeries and chronic movement patterns

Medicupping™ Body Cocoon


(approximately 90 minutes)

A complete body cocoon combing a Medicupping™ treatment with specific essential oil blends uniquely tailored to your specific issues. 

Looking to release deep muscular issues, tone skin after weight loss help to diminish cellulite, scars, increase circulation and more.

Relaxing Massage

MediCupping™ Facials


(approximately 90 minutes)

All facials are uniquely tailored to your specific skin type and customized to your specific needs.. Day Wellness products will aid in repairing and rejuvenating your skin.. MediCupping™ facial massage aids in toning, reduction of fine lines, puffiness and gives your skin an overall lift and glow.  

Each facial includes:

Skin analysis, MediCupping™ treatment, mask, and an Oxygen treatment. Also includes a relaxing warm aromatherapy hand and foot wrap with massage to relax and hydrate hands & feet.

Medicupping™ Facial Package


This is the ultimate rejuvenating facial package. Facial works on a specific area such as crows feet, smile lines, rosacea, acne, tightening of loose skin,etc. This facial includes a home care package to be used during the six weeks.

•1st and 10th treatments full MediCupping™ facials - approximately 60 to 75 minutes

•2nd to 9th Medicupping treatments work on specific areas - approximately 30 minutes minimum 2 sessions per week. 

Book your package before your special celebration

and look fabulous!

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Day Exfoliation Treatment


(approximately 90 minutes)

Start with a gentle exfoliation, which stimulates circulation and results in smooth, refined skin texture. Continue with a relaxing Medicupping™ session with warm oils. Finishing up with a nourishing lotion application leaving skin with a lasting radiance. Take home exfoliation brush or gloves.

Wellness Manicure


$25 without polish

(approximately 45 to 55 minutes)

Day Wellness manicures will help restore your skin back to its natural beauty. Relax with a soak, exfoliation, massage, tend to your cuticles and restore your shape. 

Book with or without polish


Wellness Pedicure


$35 without polish

(approximately 60 to 75 minutes)

Day Wellness pedicure will help restore your skin back to its natural beauty. Relax with a soak, exfoliation, massage, tend to your cuticles, reduce callus, repair cracked skin,cut and  shape nails

Book with or without polish